Disclaimer:- All information such as ascent, Length and times taken etc should be regarded as approximate. The creator’s comments are opinions and may not be accurate or still correct. Your time to complete will depend on your speed plus break time and your mode of transport.

Note: It is up to you to ensure that your route is appropriate for you and your party to follow bearing in mind all factors such as safety, weather conditions, experience and access permission. Weather in Ireland and especially on mountains is nothing but unpredictable so be sure to check the weather, as the top of these mountains can disappear into the clouds in seconds with visibility down to below 30ft and few landmarks available to get your bearings.  The Met Eireann 5-Day Forecast is very handy and is unusually accurate in the short term!!! If the weather is bad, don’t ever be afraid to cancel your mountain walk go for something lower like on the beaches.  There are plenty of other routes to suit beginners to advanced walkers in the area, so please find a route that is right for you or your group. Plan your walk by checking the weather, sunrise sunset times. Please remember that you are only as fast as the slowest member of your group.