Book an event venue

Are you looking for a room/venue to run an event, a meeting, a group class, a birthday party etc. Then Castlegregory Community Council may be able to help. you. We have rooms available for booking at very reasonable rates.

Room Booking                            Suitability                                       Toilets            Kitchen                             Rates

Large Hall Club Rooms              Large group/Meetings                         Yes                  Yes               €20 1st hour  €12 following hours

Small Hall Club Rooms             Meeting room/ Small group.                Yes                  Yes               €15 1st hour  €8 following hours

West End Hall                           Games/Event/ Large groups                  Yes                 Yes (Limited) €15 1st hour  €10 following hours plus metered electricity. Please use €1 coins only

Mina Hill                                    Small meeting room                               Yes              Tea facilities  € 6 per hour


It is a requirement  to  contact 066-7139422 to discuss and confirm your booking. No room booking is accepted until you receive confirmation from Castlegregory Community Council on 066-7139422.   You can check below on our online booking calendar if the times you require are available.