Castlegregory Club 500

Club 500 logo.

Club 500 is a monthly draw organised by Castlegregory Community Council.

Club 500 membership  is available to join throughout the year. You may join any month that you wish.

We are accepting members every month.

It’s purpose is to raise funds for the Community Council and help them in their ongoing work to improve the area for the benefit of all. This year we have launched a new website (as you can see) that will attract more visitors.

We are re-entering the Tidy Towns Competition, keeping local areas looking their best which not only makes the area more enjoyable for its residents but also has a positive impact on tourism. We will continue with our routine work of supporting the community to the best of our ability. We have some other exciting projects coming on stream in the near future.

Membership to this club is by way on a monthly contribution of €10. The draw will consist of monthly, quarterly and annual prizes. By entering you have a chance of winning one our many prizes. Prizes will increase as membership increases. There will be  89 prizes annually. Prizes may rise or fall depending on membership. Club 500 will be limited to 500 members so now is the time to show your support and join family and friends from hear and far in this community friendly draw. You could be the next big winner. Information is available at the information centre, on this website or from any member of the council.

Club 500 Interesting facts                                                                                 

We commenced our Club 500 draw in May 2019

We wish to thank everybody who have supported us from all over the world

Open to anybody who wishes to support and who love

In 2020  we gave out 77 prizes.

Our 2nd year just commenced on May 1st 2020. Our plans for this year are:-

As soon as our membership increases we will implement the following:-
1- We will increase our prize fund.- achieved May 2020
2- We will add an extra prize.- achieved May 2020
3- We added in Christmas Prizes–Achieved Dec 2020
4- We added in Spring  Prizes–Achieved March 2021

In 2020  we gave out 83 prizes.

6- I wonder what new initiatives will be in store for you  in 2022

7- For 2022:- We are going to give away 89 prizes

March:- Our number of prizes will increase from 83 to 89

There will be an extra bonus prize each month

Prize fund (6 prizes) has increased in value

Some months may have 1to 3 extra bonus prizes eg. New Year, Easter, Summer, Christmas.

Phone/ text +353 83 304 3484 sent a message via Facebook.

Thank you for your support.

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500 Club Registration Form
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Payment Options

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Payment Options

Data Protection

We need to keep your contact details on file in order to inform you of any prizes you may win

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Your membership will not be activated until payment is received.

Castlegregory Community Council

Rules governing Club 500

1-            Club 500 will be operated by Castlegregory Community Council

2-            Club 500 year will operate from Jan 1st to Dec 31st on a yearly basis and every year thereafter.

3-            Membership will be sold by Community Council Members, Information centre, Website and Facebook.

4-            Cost €10 monthly paid to Castlegregory Community Council by (A) Cash (B) Direct Debit (C) PayPal (D)

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer to Castlegregory Community Council using Bic   AIBKIE2D   Iban IE94AIBK93639138933000

Paypal :-

Phone: -066-7139422

5-            A person will be entitled to buy more than 1 monthly membership. All members must be 18 years of age or over.

6-            A member is not permitted to choose their own number. This is for logistic reasons.

7-            Monthly draw will take place on the first Monday of each month at the Monthly Community Council. Meetings unless otherwise specified.

8-            Payment for monthly draw must be submitted by 28th of each month. (To facilitate being cleared by bank etc)

9-            Each draw will be overseen by at least 3 members of Council

10-         Winners will be mainly notified on our Facebook page and

our website and by text.  Winner’s names submitted to Community Notes/ Website/ social media

11-          Only Paid-up members for the month that draw is taking place will be entered into draw

12-          There will be a progressive increase in prizes until 500 members have signed up.

13-         A minimum of 30 members are required before the first draw can take place.

14-         There will be an extra bonus prizes added throughout the year

15-         No ticket is eligible for more than one of the prizes each month, with the exception of the .bonus prizes.

16-         Maximum numbers permitted will be 500 persons. In the event of exceeding 500 a waiting list will be created and next

person on waiting list will be added if somebody drops out.

17-         If a member misses a monthly payment, they will be excluded from that months draw

18-          Prizes may rise or fall depending on membership numbers.

19-         Rules may be changed without notice to facilitate the smooth running of the Draw.

Thank you and the best of luck

Ideal for presents to family near and far. A gift that will keep on giving.

Yes it’s Club 500 gift certificates

Club 500 gift certificates are now available in 10, 20 50 100 euro value. Buy one or combine to make up the amount you would like. What a lovely present to give to a special person. A present that could be very lucky in our monthly draws. Call/email our office to discuss.

To purchase these you will need to make a transfer from your account to our account using our Bic And Iban numbers.

Iban :- IE94 AIBK 93639138933000

Post transfer of monies please send email to  informing us of purchase and details of membership. We will follow up with you to set everything up. We can post  the gift certificate for you ( you must provide recipient name and address to us) or we can email your gift certificates to you. Thank you for your support.