Castlegregory to Ballycurrane, Maharees

Distance:- 7.7 Km
Time:- 13 minutes
Times are for driving and stops are not accounted for.

A leisurely drive from Castlegregory to the tip of the Maharees. A flat route but do stop off all the interesting points along the way. A beautiful way to pass a day with the children and its healthy too. Observe the local fishing boats at the pier, take a walk behind the pier and feel the power of the sea. Step back in time and visit the old graveyard at Kilshannig overlooking the sheltered bay. Take a walk along the Maharees Heritage Trail and dip your feet in the water in the many sandy beaches. Stop off at the pubs and eateries for a rest and a chat with locals and get to know the history of the area, Don’t forget to ask about the islands and the many shipwrecks that happened in these water over time. If you are interested in the environment and coastal protection the work that is being undertaken by the group might interest you. You will return to base with a new understanding, refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

Click on map for more info (opens Google Maps page)
Click on map for more info (opens Google Maps page)