Killiney Stone Cross


Church, Tower and Stone Cross

Killiney Church and tower are located behind the modern C of I Church of Our Saviour at the base of the Magharees peninsula. Standing against the south wall of the modern church is the rather impressive 2.86 metre high x 0.49 metre wide stone cross. The cross is made from sandstone and although quite crude looking at a glance, with closer inspection you will note that the cross has hollowed angles and has been dressed to a smooth finish on all sides. It is believed there may have been an Early Christian foundation located at this site and the cross is probably all that remains from that early period. I love this cross, it is a stunning example of a plain Early Christian High Cross and reminds me of the stone cross at Adamstown in County Wexford. Further south in the graveyard are the remains of a medieval church and an ivy covered residential tower. See below for more information

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