Sweet Tullaree so Far Far Away

A poem by Thomas O Néill, Aughacasla, made this song, when he was going to Australia.
Though the scenes of my childhood no more I may see.
Or visit again, the sweet vale of Tullaree.
Where in youth I had strayed, with my friends, fond and true.
To their own island Mother.
Dear Eireann to you.
Though now far away, in a far distant land.
Far from the fair scenes, on the mountains so grand.
To the green hills of Tullig my thoughts often stray
and the friends and fair fields,
so far, far away.
How often in my dreams, to Killiney I go.
And visit Castlegregory, and famous Coolroe.
Or listen to the thrushes and linnets, so gay,
all in green, green Aughacasla so far, far away.
One sound the loud horn, in laughing as I go,
and chase round the clear lake,
like a wild stag or doe.
Or glide ‘oer the waters of Tralee’s
lonely bay.
Near the home of my father,
so far, far away.
Kilshannig’s wild strand, to my visions take flight.
For I view at a distance St Brendens
steep hight.
Behold the Cathedral, where I knelt down to pray
Near that honoured old ruin,
so far, far away.
Cloghane’s sacred Churchyard, to my fond heart, so dear
Where often in youth I had shed
a sad tear.
Oe’r the grave of my father, in that honoured old ruin,
To the plains of Castlegregory I
return with a sigh.
Lamenting for days that are
long gone by.
The dear days of my childhood
so verdant and gay
And Sweet Tullaree, so far, far away.