Castlegregory and Vicinity in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

by Ted Smyth

Glucksman Ireland House, New York University.

Bridget O’Brien, a native of Castlegregory, opened EISB Acct. No. 3712 on February 9, 1853. The childless widow of Maurice O’Brien, she ran a Porter House on 21st street between First and Second Avenues. She reported that she landed in New York from Cork on the ship, Croma, in May 1848. There are no records of a ship called Croma in the transatlantic shipping archives, but there is record of a brig called the Cremona, which arrived in New York from the port of Cobh on July 24, 1848.  The Cremona’s manifest supplied by its Master, William Davy, reveals that amongst the 55 passengers was a Bridget Callaghan, aged 24, who we can assume is the future Bridget O’Brien, as the Bank’s accountant recorded Bridget’s deceased parents as Thomas Callaghan and Bridget Foran.[1]