A Gallant Barque : The Story of the Port Yarrock


By Sheila Mulcahy

Format Book | 176 pages Publication date 01 Jan 1999 Publisher Kerryman Publication City/Country United States
ISBN10 0946277257 ISBN13 9780946277254

On the cold, stormy morning of January 29th, 1894, the Port Yarrock broke up and sank in Brandon Bay, on the Dingle peninsula, with the loss of 20 lives, The Port Yarrock was an unexceptional three-masted barque, of 1,380 tons, iron-clad and built to carry ore from the new world to Europe. Owned by the Port Line of Glasgow, she was typical of many ships of that era, operating undermanned for maximum profit, with scant regard for the safety or well-being of the crew. As was normal, the crew comprised a captain and a handful of experienced seamen. The rest were boys in their teens, apprenticed to the sea and costing less than proper seamen, with their apprenticeship being paid for by their families.