Castlegregory Beach

Castlegregory beach



Castlegregory beach is a 4-5 km stretch of interconnected beaches in Tralee Bay. The beach access car park is accessible off the R560 in Castlegregory and on via Strand Road. The surrounding landscape is dominated by dunes and lush fertile farmland. Castlegregory beach has received the Green Coast Beach Award 2017. A short walk of 15 minutes or 1.1 km from the village center. This is ideally suitable to families.

Castlegregory Beach was awarded a Green Coast Award for 2019. This is  is given to sites which have excellent water quality and natural beauty, but which may be less developed than Blue Flag beaches. An important aspect of the Green Coast Awards is the involvement of Clean Coasts Volunteer Groups,


(Car parking available. Roads are narrow so caution is advised.)