Activities in Castlegregory – Kitesurfing

The fastest growing water sport has hit the shores around Castlegergory .
In the last few years. When you drive out the N86 road from tralee to Castlegergory you can see the reason why this extreme sport has found a foot hold on the beaches of Castlegergory.
Castlegregory is nestled in between two massive bays. The first one that  you meet when you head out from Tralee on the N86 is Tralee Bay which is a great beginner location with flat sandy beachs with very little swell. Tralee bay will work in north west and east winds which is great for beginners to intermediates.
Once you head further west from Tralee bay and Castlegergory, Brandon bay comes into view.
Brandon bay is tralee bays big brother which can have very large waves rolling in form the Atlantic.
Brandon bay works in all wind directions.
Castlegergory is also a gate way to the watersports mecca off the dingle peninsula the Maharees which is where most Kitesurfers will head to for wave riding in North winds. 
The very norther tip is the most popular spot.
A Northerly beach call Scragane beach is a great lesson location. You will find Ryan from Kitesurf Ireland teaching his students the ropes. 
Castlegergory has had many world class Kitesurfers coming from all over the world and to  sample the clean winds and wild seas.