Forge Pizza Hut

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Forge Pizza Hut,
Gregory’s Garden,
Main Street,
Co. Kerry.
V 92N2F7

Ph:-087 213 0866
Email:- Contact through website.

 Walking up Main St. on a sunny evening to the new Forge pizza hut is an absolute treat in itself. There’s a relaxed vibe to the garden pizzeria, set in the gorgeous backyard of Gregory’s Garden restaurant.

The inset design has a neighbourhood look and feel to it and on approach we pass herb gardens at the back, a promising sign for a quality meal ahead. Another sure sign of a good pizza is the wood fire oven inside the container hut – essential for the perfect crust! The menu is simple, four pizza choices (no bullshit pineapple toppings or bbq flavourings) just plain and simple Italian goodness with top notch beer/cider/wine to accompany.


Sitting in the garden you could easily think you were in Italy and on tasting the pizza we were definitely transported to Naples on first bite. This spot is a little slice of heaven just a stone’s throw away from Tralee and as close as you’ll get to the real Italian deal… check it out!

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