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Go Fund Me



Community Council has been donated a beach wheelchair. this will be  made  available  to all members of the public. We believes that everyone has the right to enjoy our beautiful beaches . The benefits are enormous.  Sea air is charged with healthy negative ions, which accelerates your ability to absorb oxygen and balances serotonin levels, a chemical that regulates moods and contributes to well-being and happiness. This explains why when you have a coastal break, you feel more energised, relaxed and alert.

This fund will be used to provide storage at the beach so that it can  be made available for the public. We need a metal shed 7 ft by 5ft floored and with coded access.
We will put this in place as soon as the funds are raised.  It would be of immense benefits to locals and to the many visitors who come to Castlegregory each year for their holidays.  We thank you for your support however small. Every little helps. Thank you.

Castlegregory Community Council